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The Right Approach for Your Situation

McGuire Consulting Servicesis a management training and consulting firm which specializes in the development of effective corporate leadership. Our primary areas of focus are to:

  • Sharpen the leadership and communication skills of your top executives
  • Help your corporate departments and teams communicate better in order to solve problems more effectively
  • Act as facilitator in your strategic planning sessions
  • Analyze and rejuvenate your firm's "corporate culture"
  • Make mergers or acquisitions proceed more smoothly

McGuire Consulting Services prides itself on developing close personal relationships with its clients - enabling us to respond quickly and flexibly to your management needs.

Is your company ready to expand its business activities, but you feel your management staff isn't sufficiently prepared to make the transition? Our one-on-one coaching services can help bring them quickly up to speed.

Has your corporation purchased another company that has a promising new technology - and a top-heavy management? We can help you analyze and work through the issues involved in successfully integrating this new firm into your corporate structure.

Are you putting together a team to launch an important new initiative? Do you want these team members to get off to a fast start, and to communicate as effectively and efficiently as possible? One of our team-building workshops can provide you with the perfect kick-off to a successful effort.

McGuire's customized approach also ensures that our services provide you with the most "bang for the buck". We look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss the leadership-enhancement opportunities in your own business, and how these opportunities might be addressed in the most dynamic and cost-effective way.

McGuire Consulting offers a variety of leadership courses, including individual coaching, group sessions, and lectures. We employ sophisticated individual and group assessment techniques, and our classes emphasize improving management communication and problem solving skills for your leaders through hands-on exercises.

McGuire Consulting Services
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