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Skills for Leadership Excellence Workshop

What Makes This Workshop Unique?

The Skills for Leadership Excellence approach is based on an analysis of 2,000 successful managers and the skills that helped them get to the top of their organizations. During the course of the workshop, you will learn the six key leadership skills that will let you accomplish more, both professionally and personally. You'll also put these lessons into practice by engaging in group problem solving, participating in small group presentations, and designing specific Action Plans that will put you in charge of your professional development.

Besides drawing on the experience of successful managers, the Skills for Leadership Excellence workshop features a unique "360 degree" assessment process, in which your associates are surveyed in order to help identify your strengths and weaknesses. Discover how your colleagues really see you! A facilitator will consult with you privately about the survey results, and you'll explore together how these insights can make you a better leader.

  You'll Learn How To......
  •   Adopt a leadership style that works for you
  •   Analyze and solve problems more efficiently
  •   Energize and focus your staff
  • Coach associates to perform at a higher level
  •   Build teams that are dynamic and cohesive
  •   Network more productively
  •   Present yourself and your message with maximum effectiveness
  •   Manage stress
  •   Keep your career on track
  •   Develop a proactive strategy for continued success

What Participants Are Saying:

"All our Senior Executives attended. They felt it was superb and we leased it. We had waiting lists."
Bob Griffith, Vice President of Human Resources Officer, Revco (formerly Hook SupeRx, Inc.)

"This course is the best I've ever attended and I've sent many of my associates. Years later it continues to be beneficial to me."
Chuck Caeser, Vice President of Manufacturing, O.D.L. (formerly Vice President of Purchasing, Johnson Controls, Inc.)

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Coaching With Confidence is a practical, no-nonsense approach that diffuses confrontation while getting the results you want. This hands-on workshop will give you specific strategies and skills that can be applied immediately. Coaching is a core competency in today's high performing workplace. Learn the skills to build and retain your best talent. Sometimes the only difference between a mediocre and a stellar employee is a great coach!

At this seminar you will learn:
  • A formula for determining the cost of not coaching.
  • Communication techniques that help you ask for what you want while reducing conflict.
  • Practical skills that will give you the confidence to resolve long standing nagging issues on your own.
  • The WWIINN Coaching Model™

After this seminar participants will have the skills, comfort level and awareness to:

  • Stay focused on solutions, not problems
  • Build trust and respect
  • Mantain dignity under pressure
  • Tell the truth (even when difficult)
  • Make requests
  • Coach for results

Coaching With Confidence is a four-hour workshop that can be customized for each organization. For an investment of $2500 up to 50 participants may attend the workshop. Follow up by the facilitator for each participant is included. A train the trainer approach is available.

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Strategic Planning & Team Building

Two other services offered by McGuire Consulting are strategic planning and team-building consultations. Our support role can range from single, one-day sessions to an ongoing relationship stretching over a period of months.

Strategic Planning: Helping You Manage Change Effectively

As any executive knows, managing change is one of the most difficult aspects of leadership. As a company moves forward, new challenges constantly arise, bringing both risk and the potential for great rewards.

McGuire Consulting can help your company through these times of change by....

  • Working with you to identify the key issues facing your team
  • Assisting you in mapping out a strategy for achieving your company vision
  • Enhancing performance through exercises designed to spur creativity, encourage discussion, resolve conflicts and sharpen problem-solving skills

Undergoing personnel changes? Whether your company is adjusting to new leadership, dealing with turnover in middle management, or simply planning to shift assignments and responsibilities, we can help you implement these changes in a way that produces a stronger, more cohesive corporate structure. Our consultations facilitate the creative exchange of ideas, encouraging all participants to bond with each other and share thoughts and ideas.

Expanding or altering your company's focus? We can help you clarify your company's specific objectives and achieve a consensus on the best way to reach these goals. Our sessions will encourage your management team to think "outside the box" and overcome their natural reluctance to embrace new concepts and approaches.

Acquiring a new company? We can help you integrate the acquired firm's management and workforce smoothly and productively. By ensuring that everyone is "on the same page" and communicating in an open and constructive way, our consultations enhance the relationships of all parties.

"Her services were invaluable in streamlining our operations post-acquisition."
Paul Veithen, Former CEO, Agfa Corporation, now Vice President Medical Imaging for Europe

Team Building: Turning Conflict into Cooperation

Getting groups to work together productively is another key element of successful leadership. Our "team-building" consultations will....

  • Help your staff gain better clarity about each team member's role
  • Promote understanding of each person's unique style of communication/problem-solving
  • Work with team members to identify, analyze and solve key issues
  • Boost group creativity and morale

"You were extremely helpful in keeping us on track. We have a terrific team and you were instrumental in helping us work together."
Mike Paxton, former CEO of O-Cedar Brands Inc.

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Managing a Multi-Cultural Workforce

What it is

Diversity in the workplace: People are coming into companies with vastly different personal and cultural histories. How is it affecting your company's productivity? Increase productivity through better communications with your team.

What you will learn
  • Recognize the causes of value conflicts-before they take their toll on morale and performance
  • Identify the potential for value conflicts among diverse groups and individuals and learn how to prevent or reconcile them
  • Overcome long-standing stereotypes that exist in the workplace
  • Deal more effectively with individual ethnic; economic and social differences Explore ways to clarify your own values to others; understand the values of others and how to work around differences by accepting them as a fact of life; build on the values everyone agree are important
  • Identify the positive consequences of diversity in the workforce
  • Plan a meeting in which a value conflict is resolved
  • Hold a actual discussion with the person with whom there is a conflict or a potential for conflict
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Mastering Change: A Course for Women Managers

What it is

Your management effectiveness depends on the support your get from your boss, your peers and your associates. This session focuses on practical solutions to the obstacles women face, uncovered in the research from the groundbreaking report: "Breaking the Glass Ceiling".

What you will learn
  • Assessing your impact as a leader
  • How your personality influences your communication style
  • Understanding the differences between men and women at work
  • Constructive ways to handle conflict
  • Who and "how to" network
  • Stress management techniques
  • Goal Setting: Personal and work

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A Winning Team: A Customized Program for Intact Work Groups

In today's work environment of trimmed budgets, reduced staff, and reorganization, it's more important than ever that your managers know how to pool the talents of their people and inspire high performance, high results, & teamwork.

What it is

An individualized approach specific to your team goals-guaranteed to make your team a winner!

It's unique aspect: The program is designed to provide individualized guidance, tailored to the specific goals and culture of your work group. The use of individuals personality inventories and team survey helps us isolate problems and obstacles, as well as identify assets and make the most of individual talents.

What you will learn

Here are just some of the things we'll accomplish:
  • We'll take a closer look at the individual styles and personalities of team members -and determine how to improve member's interpersonal communication
  • We'll develop a team structure that will yield the highest results for your organization, including clarifying team roles, objectives, relationship, and decision processes
  • We'll set concrete goals for the team and develop realistic plans for managing time and resources to meet them
  • We'll explore techniques for defusing tension and conflict in a way that keeps people productive and focused on shared goals
  • We'll examine the manager's role as a facilitator -and devise ways for him or her to improve morale, productivity and synergy and creative energy of the team.

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Conflict: Personal Skills for Managing Conflict

What it is

Dissent, when handled expertly, can be an all-important tool for achieving results. Learn when to act before the conflict appears, to minimize potential negative consequences.

Recognize the causes of conflict, the different forms of conflict and their benefits and disadvantages. Use your knowledge of conflict-resolving techniques to create a better work environment within your organization.

What you will learn

You will apply these techniques:
  • Gain a practical knowledge of conflict management concepts
  • Uncover "conflict below the surface" and learn how these softer causes of conflict can be minimized
  • Understand the five classic ways of settling conflict and when and where to apply them for the greatest effectiveness
  • Minimize conflicts with subordinates and prevent unnecessary conflicts in different organizational relationships
  • How to avoid unnecessary conflict through planning in a team atmosphere
  • Explore collaborative problem-solving : the win-win way of creating new alternatives and focusing on common interests
  • Develop your own repertoire of skills for reducing conflicts

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Listening For Success

What it is

Studies show that corporations with managers who listen well have less employee turnover, better morale, and more entrepreneurial risk-taking on the part of their employees. Most of our day is spent listening and yet _ of what we hear is heard imprecisely or quickly forgotten.

Listening, the communication skill we need most in the workplace, is the skill we most lack-yet it is easily learned. The course focuses on skills to enhance your ability to hear what really is being said.

What you will learn
  • Break down the barriers to clear communications
  • Use question to expand your knowledge and decrease misunderstanding
  • Discover listening and watching techniques that will uncover the real message
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve your ability to recruit or assign the right person to the job through improved listening skills
  • Diffuse emotionally tense situations; build rapport during disagreements

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Power Speaking

What it is

Project successfully, without fear or anxiety, during any presentation or public speech. A unique skills-oriented session that allows you to practice presentation techniques that will make you a more credible and confident speaker. Receive supportive coaching and valuable feedback.

What you will learn
  • Physical skills that will control your nervousness
  • Master non-verbal techniques that convey confidence
  • How to outline your ideas
  • Successful handling of questions
  • Using visual aids to make an impact

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Successful Meeting Management

What it is

Set up meetings that succeed. Begin with understanding the fundamental problems with meetings. Go from there to an analysis of the qualities of effective meeting, then on to useful techniques that make your meetings better.

What you will learn

You will apply these techniques:
  • When to have a meeting
  • The five styles of meetings
  • Rules for you create the right meeting
  • Seven things to remember when planning a meeting
  • How to build your agenda
  • Avoiding land mines
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • The right way to wrap up a meeting
  • How to evaluate your meeting's effectiveness

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What it is

The more a manager does, the less he or she accomplishes! Strange but true. You will learn simple techniques to delegate more, thereby doing only those things you can do well.

What you will learn
  • Why you have trouble delegating
  • Methods for successful delegation
  • How to overcome resistance to a delegated task
  • Use of two-way communication to improve the level of understanding when you delegate
  • Master proven methods of recognition, rewards, and sanctions when delegating responsibilities

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Management Skills for First Line Supervisor

What it is

Supervisors promoted from the line must learn get their work done through the people they manage. This Workshop gives you the practical, hands-on training in the skills you need to be productive supervisor -one who elicits the best work from his her group.

What you will learn
  • How your managerial style affects your associates' -working to make a positive impact!
  • Develop your own most effective style, based on how your were described on surveys completed by your own subordinates.
  • The importance of asking the right question-and interpreting the answer correctly.
  • The "who's and how's" of the networking -all the ways it can set up your managerial effectiveness.
  • Time management -keeps you ahead with simple, innovative tools to increase productivity.

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