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"Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined to."
Roscoe Dunjee, Entrepreneur & Activist

Why would I need a personal coach?
If your life has stalled, or you've hit a wall that's keeping you from reaching your goals.

What can a coach do for me?
In the same way a star athlete needs a coach for optimum, prize-winning performance, your life can become as fulfilling as you want it to be when you have someone on your team to help you uncover obstacles, focus your goals, motivate you and generally enhance the quality of your life.

A coach can help clarify your goals and work with you to figure out what will be personally satisfying using your unique talents, values, and abilities. Coaching can help you chart your way. Understand the obstacles that keep you from your goals, and find support and help in overcoming them.

How is a coach different from a therapist?
Coaching doesn't focus on psychological pain, nor dwell on your past. Together we focus on two things: your here and now, and your future. While your past is certainly part of what makes you who you are today, it's still behind you. The future is in front of you, and your personal coach is the person whose job it is to get you to the future you want... now.

What makes you a good personal coach?
It's not just about my extensive experience and education, although both make me qualified to offer my services in this capacity. It's also the fact that I am able to share a great deal of my own experience, both as a person who has needed a coach, and as a successful entrepreneur now in charge of the life I've always wanted to lead.

It's not easy, true, but when you have a caring, trusting relationship with a coach, who has been down this road themselves, who can help you utilize the tools you'll need, and we work together toward your goals, your life journey will be more enriched and fulfilling.

So what will we do together, specifically?
A lot of talking, a lot of note-taking, a lot of speculating, a lot of processing, and then a lot of planning. Together we'll create a blueprint for both the immediate and long-term future, and we'll create an action plan to insure you get there and define the first steps to get you started. Throughout, I'll be available for you when you need me.

Sounds like it could help me!
It can. It's synergy in the truest and best sense of the word.

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